“Because Government Is For All The People”

Why A New Party?

The short answer to that question is very simple: we have representatives in Washington, but they are not and have not represented us.

We — those of us in favor of constitutional government and sensible governance under it —  are actually a majority, though the press tries to make us believe that we are a minority. If we live in their media, they can be quite convincing. But if we look outside their media, talking with the people we know, we know we are the majority.  Didn’t we win the 2020 election too?   Do we not dare to recognize it?  We all know at some level that where we are going as a nation – or being taken despite our majority – is wrong for us, wrong for America.

GOP Not the Answer

What if you went to work every day, spent your day analyzing, discussing and acting – but nothing came of your labor? What if you were correct in all your analyses, determined what the fix was, had the ability to perform the fix – but then did nothing?

Isn’t that where Americans like us, those who want sober management and policies in line with founding principles, are today? But why? Why for all our voting, writing, rallying and political energy has nothing changed in our favor?

It’s simple: We are relying on a powerful political party, the Republican Party,  to perform the fix for us, to be the instrument which corrects the wrongs…and that party will never, ever be the answer.

Haven’t we seen enough already to know that? Remember how the GOP sank Barry Goldwater? Then there was the “Reagan Revolution” – that didn’t last long because it really never went beyond Reagan’s persona. Then we had the “Contract With America”, until they purged leader Newt Gingrich. Later we had a GOP, Bush White House for eight years and for some of that time we also had a Republican majority in the House and Senate. What happened? They grew government massively. They steadily facilitated liberal policy gains. Can you recall President Bush vetoing anything? Then they put a Chief Justice in the Supreme Court who ruled that the ACA was a “tax” and thus constitutional! All along the way, they have sat idly by while bureaucracies and federal judges have increasingly usurped their (our) legislative prerogatives. How long will it be before congress becomes irrelevant, reduced to shaking down corporations and investigating baseball players?  But what is the GOP anyway?  It’s only the voters, nothing more.  So, Voter, take your policy wishes to a party designed and structured to see them fulfilled!

A Proxy Third Party Victory

In 2016 we elected a “conservative” president in what we at FPA believe was a proxy “third party” win.  Voters rejected all the GOP’s chosen candidates in the primary elections and went for the brilliant, straight-talking outsider who wanted what we wanted.  Upon his inauguration, he immediately commenced to deliver those policies, to the greatest extent possible.  What did the GOP majority congress do?  They denied us every single one of the president’s policy imperatives, blocking him at every juncture.  What has happened later?  That same GOP stood by allowing the corrupt, partisan, Deep State bureaucracy to hamstring the president.  Some of the GOP’s members of congress actually assisted them openly in that effort.   Through all the manufactured scandals and ultimate impeachment, the president hung on. Yet despite revelations from one committee and from one book to the next, detailing incontrovertible evidence of the transgressions and illegalities of his opposition, there wasn’t a single indictment brought by successive GOP Attorney Generals.   Lastly, we witnessed massive voter fraud.  Successive courts refused to examine the evidence, threw out the challenges to the election.  Finally on January 6, 2021, Republican Vice President Pence cited the Founders in refusing to send the votes back to the states for recertification.  Citing Founders is what the Supreme Court does.  That’s their job.  With Pence doing so, he acted as if he was the Supreme Court.  Had he done the right thing, allowing the states to review the votes prior to recertification, the move would certainly have been challenged and ended in the Supreme Court.  That court would then have finally had to review the president’s evidence of massive voter fraud and would have found a phony election.  The Establishment couldn’t take that chance.   Trump, at our behest, was tearing down their construct of 33 years or more in the making. Thus, the GOP took the president down, placing Biden in office. Even without the treachery of Pence, McConnell and the others, the GOP  had had four years to insure the integrity of the vote, yet they did nothing.

What We Have Now (And Why It Doesn’t Work For Us)

What is most commonly seen in the states and what is etched in stone in Washington, DC, is seniority.  Party leadership – House speakers, majority/minority leaders, whips – make all the decisions for the rest of the party’s legislative delegation.  They decide what comes up for a vote and when.  They decide on committee seats.  They decide on minority strategy.  Those who buck their authority, are relegated to no committee seats and little if any money for re-election.

Though the Republican Party is made up of tens of thousands of party workers, and many millions of voters, when it gets to policy and action in state legislatures and in the Capitol Building, only a very few people, a mere four or five among all the other representatives and senators, wield power and make the decisions.

How easy would it be to corrupt, compromise or intimidate four or five people?  I hope you said “not very difficult”.  How difficult would it be for a Republican politician, a plant for the other side– to support that other side in one way or another?  After all, at least four GOP senators who had campaigned on full repeal of Obamacare — the ACA — voted with the Democrats to keep it!

It’s very clear that powerful, domestic elite and international interests are controlling and leading those very few in our governments.  The voters are not in control.  This setup doesn’t work for us, the voters because those very few leaders among the 535 members of congress have so much power that they can successfully turn aside whatever they don’t want and include whatever they do want.  Their actions have brought the nation to the brink.  How, for example, is the public to know what is in a bill, up for a vote, which contains 6,000 pages of provisions?   How can any honest man or woman in congress fail to tell their constituents how ridiculous or even criminal it would be to pass such a bill and not walk out in protest?   All the people hear is silence. They will only find out what is in such a bill if they run afoul of its provisions.

President Trump committed the unpardonable sin of actually meaning what he said during his campaigning and actually pursuing those campaign promises for the voters.  Unlike any president since John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, he too believed in our founding principles.  During his four years he tore down much of the international Globalist/Socialist construct of several decades, or at least as much as he could with zero congressional support from a GOP congressional majority.  In unison, the Republicans and the Democrats took him down.  They took us down.  Those elite interests have no intention of ever allowing the voters to restore the founding precepts of our founders.  We voters literally do not count.  To them, we are dumb.  We are ignorant “masses” to be managed by them.  That view of us is apparent in their blatant actions in contravention of common sense and the constitution– even patently illegal actions — gone unchallenged by those in authority anywhere.

FPA is America First

The Republican Party will never be the party of Trump.  Neither is it any longer the party of Lincoln.  It is absolutely NOT the party of its voters.  By its actions, it exists to hold off conservative action (while posing as its crusader), allowing the Progressives to run around us.  Pence removed the mask for all time on 1/6/21.  His act alone that day cemented the reality of who and what the GOP are.  It hammered home the fact that they will never deliver the sound, America First polices based on the USA’s founding principles which we champion.

The time is NOW. 

The present situation is remarkably similar to the GOP’s own founding as a “third party” back in the 1850’s when the Whig establishment totally supported slavery while the party’s voters wanted abolition.  Those voters left that party and formed the Republican Party.   At that time, there was no “third party” formed.  What was formed was a “second party”.  It will be that way this time too.   Republican voters will simply transfer to the new party which actually seeks to represent their interests and has the built-in safeguards to make sure that we follow through on our words.  Without the FPA’s built-in safeguards, any new party will simply end up being the same thing that we have now, with the same interests controlling it.  Check out our “A New Party Concept” page to see how that will work.  It explains how our people won’t be corrupted or turned away from our platform and agenda.


  1. Charles Moeller

    I read all on this website. It sounds like a plan: another Noble Experiment.
    I am with you. Let us translate this new process into action!

  2. Matt

    I’m in. What’s our next step??

  3. Proud Atheist Republicans

    Planning on starting a new party I need some help. This is a MAGA party if your interested please feel free to reach me at Proudatheistrepublicans@tutanota.com

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