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We believe there’s a better way, a way to win that which we and most Americans believe is right for America.

Very simply, Freedom Party America is for Americans who want real representation in congress.  We have slowly come to realize that we have no real representation.  We vote for and send our men and women to congress, based on what they tell us that they and their party believe and will work for. Instead, what we get is an entrenched, controlling element of both major political parties, which controls the representatives we send to Washington.   That entrenched element balks the initiatives of those we have elected.  Legislation that is passed in congress puts the interests of those controlling elements — global big businesses and multi-national elites — ahead of the people.  Meanwhile, due to the rules of both houses of congress, the party bosses make all the key decisions, requiring their fellow party members in congress to follow suit.  Those in party leadership then make excuses to their electorate while the press covers for them by making it appear that they are truly making a good fight of it, one party against the other.  That is pure falsehood.

It’s hard to lose when you are the majority, yet time and again Republicans lose those battles.  Conversely, it’s hard to win when you’re a minority, but we continue to see the Democrat congressional minority emerge as the victor.  The Left wins either way.  Something isn’t right.   Our opinions count for nothing; calls to our representatives and senators fall on deaf ears.  They seek our votes, but following the elections the message is clearly “please go away until the next election cycle.”  They’re no longer interested in serving their electorate in policy matters.

Along with our civil liberties, even our very currency, the individual is also being lost in this progression.  Our nation’s founding was concerned solely with the individual, not groups, classes or “masses”.  The FPA seeks to return representation, power and freedom to the individual citizen.  The FPA is set up structurally to remove the influence of “special interests” from our party members in office.  In that way, and only in that way, we believe we can return control of the government to the people of the United States.  In that way, we believe that we can return public policy to the meaning and precepts of our Declaration of Independence within the constraints of our constitution.  In that way, we believe that we can begin to turn the United States back to its founding roots.  In that way, we believe that we can place people in Washington who are truly accountable to the statements that they make and to the party’s written platform and legislative agenda.  We believe that our members of congress should be “volunteers”, not careerists looking to stay forever, lining their pockets, working for their corporate cronies and setting up family political dynasties. The FPA’s aim is to initiate a return of the US government to a body governed by the people for the people.  Check out “A New Party Concept” for an explanation of that formula.

For more information, please email us: info@freedompartyamerica.com


  1. danlshort

    The concept of your organization is the crux of the problem in this nation.
    I’ve been, since my entry into this political genre – what does one call it, this current mess, insanity – that the simple observation of George Orwell, of ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’ on the use of the definition of words. His conclusion, that if you control the meaning of words, you control the language, and if you control the language, you control man’s thoughts – for all of man’s thinking is based on his use of language – and as such control the man, the people and the citizens.
    One thing that strikes me is the misuse of the terms ‘LIBERTY’ and FREEDOM.’ Liberty is an enumerated right, from our creator – that all men – at birth have. Freedom is not so simple, and is something that can only be measured in the negative. Complete freedom exist only when there are no means to reduce the free choice of an individual. Impossible as the free choice of some, may be at the expense of others, thus taking away their protection of their liberty, by reducing their freedom.
    Yet as a social animal, or society, whatever one wishes to identify our population as, we create rules, of laws, to protect all – in the attempt to preserve the liberty of all men. We can confirm this in the Declaration of Independence, which spells out the role of why men make government.
    Here is the dichotomy that is hard to make sense. To use representative government – the cause of the problem – as the agent, to preserve the individual liberty of man, is in even the presentation a concept that in itself has its own sort of bigotry. This problem was identified long, long ago.
    The error that was considered in the Declaration of Independence was to declare that all men are created equal. They didn’t explain how this was to be applied, one of the many errors – but even at that, the best any society of man has ever came up with – is that they didn’t identify, that in the judicial considerations of the Court, it must apply to all equal. Look at the absolute incomprehensible decrees that dismiss this enumeration, it is the majority. The other error, implied, but now people are so damn dumb they don’t understand applied – was that in all legislation and laws, all men must be considered to preserve, all are treated equal. Today we have the Library of Congress, where you cannot find one piece of legislation that complies with this enumeration.
    How you preserve this nation, is something I’ve wasted, many, many hours attempting to find a solution. The only answer I’ve found, is start bringing up every damn law we have, and if they don’t apply to all men, who are citizens preserving they’re equal. Then declare the law null and void. Then perhaps a starting point would be possible.

    • Jeanine

      Danishort I completely agree with your statement that —at this point—we have so many contradictory and unconstitutional laws—that do promote bigotry, such as minority quotas—that we need to start from today and go backward, and declare law after law after law null and void. We are in a mess, and it came from social justice, and it came from trying to equalize outcomes when it is equal opportunity that gives us the constitutional liberties that we should all have.

  2. Agi Yaeger

    Jeff, this initiative sounds interesting and promising. I’m interested in more information. We really are in need of returning to the basic premise of our founding fathers.

  3. Puszert Barbara

    danlshort, I truly like the way you think! If I read you right “scrap the whole damn mess and start over and this time do it right.” Now that we know where the snags are

  4. ronw8

    So much water under the bridge and to think MAYBE we can change something! I really don’t know. God knows. And He will get all the glory. We should strive to be where we understand He wants us to be. Thank you ALL for your efforts to promote the Founding Ideals.

  5. Jeff Waller

    Our votes as citizens are being diluted by campaign money and influence from non-voting entities such as businesses, trade unions, foreign governments, local governments, and political action groups. This must end! It is the rights of the citizen (all citizens, equally) that are protected by the Constitution, not the rights of any limited group of people or special interest. I am in favor of laws that limit campaign contributions to only those from individual, legal US citizen, registered voters. Do this, and nearly all of the other ills that plague us will fade away.

    What say you, Freedom Party?

    • on the farm

      Lobbyists can be seen as a go between in a bribe. As such they should be outlawed. “K” street in Washington is itself a special interest group for special interests.

  6. Howard Wanless

    I live in Eagan, MN and my name is Howard Wanless. I want to make a difference in America. I got a campaign slogan already, “You won’t be voting for one more but Wanless. I’m retired from the Army and work as a nurse now. I want freedom to ring in America, as it never has. When and where is your next meeting?

  7. Gerard Beloin

    I am interested. Keep me posted. The reasons stated in Freedom America are the reasons why I am running for the US Senate in 2022.

  8. Steve Strong

    I’m in. The Dems left me first (young and dumb). I have told people I’m a Conservative for years. Want all Trump supporters to join this party, and turn the GOP into a 3rd party.

    • Jeffery Dover

      Great Steve! Thanks. We’re on it!

  9. Windy Crow

    Is this just a statement that eill go down in infamy or is there actually a place to get more information, share information to get this party started?

  10. Lawrence Conard

    Read Washingtons’ farewell speech, 1797. The two primary warnings were against political parties and foreign treaties. Annihilate both and that is what will assure “indivdual” political power.

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