A New Party Concept



Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) tweet, Nov. 12, 2022

Neither the Republican Party nor Republican voters have adapted to the battle in which we are engaged.

Famed martial arts icon, Bruce Lee, flew in the face of the martial arts orthodoxies.  He won everything in competitions.  The style he created was based in part on all the other formal styles.  He spoke of the need to “be like water”, or put otherwise, adapt to the conditions of the battle in which you are engaged.  Don’t cling to one method.

The form we have clung to, the form of the Republican Party, has failed us.  It has failed because its form has permitted our opposition to operate within it. 

Isn’t it time to “be like water”, to adapt to the fight, creating a new form, based in part on the old? 

As Senator Hawley certainly understands, it is time to create a party form which will effectively use our power, countering and defeating the extant threat to our people, our nation and our constitution.

The whole idea behind Founders Party of America is to bring power to the many millions of American voters who presently have no credible representation in Washington, DC. 

The Core Idea

The mechanism we have created to deny corruption, a mechanism which no other party has, is the FPA’s Legislative Agenda and Policy Committee, “LAPC”.  This is a body of unelected party members around the nation.  There will be two in every state.  The party president will be the tie-breaker.  In all there will be 101 persons on the committee.  All will have taken an oath of fidelity to the party, its platform and its agenda.  The Platform and the agenda will be available for all to see, at all times.

The Legislative Agenda and Policy Committee (“LAPC”) will read every question before congress.  Having done so, they will decide how FPA members of congress will vote and those instructions will be conveyed to our representatives.

FPA members of congress will vote only as they are instructed to vote by the LAPC.   All FPA candidates for congress have taken an oath of allegiance to the party and its principles. They are not their own person where action in congress takes place.  Special Interest, K Street money has no influence here.  Neither do any compromising revelations by potential blackmailers or outside controlling interests.

The LAPC will base its deliberation on all legislative questions with regard to where the question stands in relation to the party’s platform, and when necessary, our constitution. If they deem that the question agrees with the platform and agenda, they will instruct our representatives to vote in favor.  If not, they will be instructed to vote “nay”.

No new legislation may be introduced or co-sponsored by a member of FPA in congress without the prior assent of the LAPC.  Though the LAPC will actively seek counsel with its members of congress, only the LAPC will issue the voting instructions.

Any FPA member of congress or legislature voting in opposition to the LAPC will be summarily expelled from the party.  In that event, although they will serve out the remainder of their term, they will be very unlikely to be re-elected.  They will be stripped of committee seats and in effect, be rendered pretty much useless.

Founders Party of America, “FPA” requires officers, employees, candidates, members of congress or state legislatures and any member of state or national advisory committee to be party members. They will pay $25 annually for that membership and will be bound to the party’s rules.  Should they breach those rules, their membership will be revoked.

It will be difficult to impossible  to corrupt or control 101 people, who rotate every two years.  Neither will seniority count for anything among FPA members to congress.  FPA will eventually have a Senate Majority Leader and a Speaker of the House.  They will be appointed, not voted into the position.  Those people will still take their instructions from the LAPC.  Should they, or any other elected FPA congressional member act in opposition to the LAPC, they will be summarily expelled and replaced.  No longer a member of the party, they would be unlikely to be re-elected.

Without the controls described above, what is the point of introducing another political party?  What would prevent the same breach of the voters’ trust from repeating itself?   The same controlling Establishment would soon be running the party once again.  Structured in this manner, the FPA platform and agenda are inviolate.

Party officials are by appointment, not by a vote of party members.   FPA doesn’t want the party run as a social club or for its officers and other leadership to be based primarily on charisma or social and financial standing.  Dedicated to being a fighting force for the citizenry and their relationship to our constitution and founding principles which at present doesn’t exist, the people behind the new party must be dedicated not to personalities, but to an idea.  Only those who have demonstrated both leadership ability and a commitment to maintaining the founding principles of the USA will be selected for party offices.

What’s the point of a political party, if all are not working together?  The party and its members have to stand for something.  They need to set plainly stated goals so that the voters know what their agenda is going to be.  And, the party needs to enforce upon every member of congress absolute discipline to those goals and that agenda.  Why ever have dissenting members in a congressional vote?  Why tolerate voting members who, acting as small percentage of all the party’s voting members, by their vote with our opposition, deny the entire party it’s goals?  Surely there will be instances where people disagree with some issues, but if it’s a serious enough disagreement, they can leave the party and run as independents.  However, the party must not tolerate opposition within its ranks.  It’s a ticket to defeat, as we all have seen.

The Bottom Line: What It Means To Voters

The aim of this structure is to bring fidelity to the electorate from the people they send to congress.  By sending persons beholden to the LAPC to congress we have achieved that.  What that means to voters is that, when FPA candidates are campaigning for election/re-election, the voter need only to look at the FPA website or listen to the candidate to understand how that candidate will vote on any given question before congress.  Their campaign promises will be a recitation of the FPA platform, a platform available for the review of any voter wishing to see it.  Our members of congress must vote as instructed by the LAPC and the LAPC must address any legislative question with respect to its relation to the constitution and the FPA platform.  Thus, the voters will not be voting for a “personality” at election time.  Voters won’t have to stand by helplessly, hoping that their candidate acts in accordance with his/her words, hoping that they are not in aid of another organization or otherwise corrupted or compromised.  They will be voting for a platform.  The integrity of the drive toward the FPA agenda is guaranteed.


12 thoughts on “A New Party Concept

  1. If there is to be such as you state here the “rules and regulations” which form the foundation of the party should be representative of the people who are members of the party and not just those at the top. Let there be placed before the members those things which have been determined and allow the members to vote on them as well as any changes to be made after they have either been proven or disproved. Only then will the party represent those who are the members.


  2. Obviously, this begs more questions than answers but I think you are going in the right direction and something serious needs to take place, or we are going down and will lose everything. Thank you!!


  3. The rules and regulations, like those of your home, will be made by the persons who design and form the party. Those who oppose the rules and regulations may join another party — as those who don’t like those of your home, can go elsewhere.


  4. The GOP has failed us for decades. FPA offers us a viable alternative. Repeating the same action while expecting a different result fits the very definition of insanity. I am not insane.


  5. I may have missed it, but how are LAPC Members selected, since they are unelected? Same question for the President of the LAPC?


    • Great question, Barry! Upon organization, with all in agreement on the basic platform and having taken an oath of allegiance to that platform and party, the party founders will choose those people. Obviously the party founder will begin as president – or designate one, but stand down as organization is completed. As states are organized the state presidents will choose the LAPC members. However, until a state has a member elected to congress, the LAPC composition in that state is essentially moot. Bylaws have been created though they don’t as yet appear here…



  6. A true party for the people is what is needed. Paul Ryan and the Bush Republicans have destroyed the Republican party now only a shadow of its self. How will recruitment be done are you looking at unavailing this party in Universities and to the youth of our nation. You need to take this to social media. To offer the young a voice.


  7. I fail to see how this party platform protects the Power of THE PEOPLE if this platform isn’t based first on our constitution. Also, I would want to see the by-laws before I board this ship, otherwise I can see it sunk potentially by another shadowy commie guard.


    • You need to read it all, then you’ll see how it will properly represent us and the U.S. Constitution.

      “Commies” are not our problem. There isn’t a communist nation left, other than N. Korea, which Marx would recognize as communist. In China the people can own property and businesses, hardly “communist”. Just as a man who chops off relevant anatomy can’t be a woman no matter how he protests, neither is China any longer “communist” just because it calls itself that.
      It’s Fascists which are working against us here. And like every totalitarian nation on the rise, there’s only one party, in effect, no matter how much they claim to represent us. That’s why this one, to give us a voice.


  8. You deleted my post about the Iceland time zone stamped on our posts. That means you’re hiding some pertinent facts about who you are.


    • The host is responsible for time stamps, not me. The host could be on the moon for all I know. Neither does the rationale for the new party vary whether from the moon or S. America. Fresh back from a Memorial Day service in our town, we’re very much American. Your posts have identified you as an Establishment troll of the sort we see online all the time. You’re wasting your time here…and you never read how the new concept protects the people.


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